Tuesday 16 July 2013

Quilling Tutorials

This post is dedicated for all the quilling craft learners who like me are trying to learn through net guru .I have been thinking of  gathering the quilling tutorials at one place so that it is easy  for me to point  for all the queries I get about learning this craft.   Let me do a humble try as it is such a huge list. .

Basic shapes and simple projects 


Flower making techniques

Fringed flowers 

double fringed flowers 

Royal flower

Beehive technique invented by Susan and illustrated by Pretesh

flowers with  husking technique

flowers using  quilling comb

Leaves  making

Circular leaves

leaves with combing technique

Simple leaves

Maple leaf

Many different leaves ... amazing techniques

Quilling  Typography


Graphic Quilling

This technique is almost similar to typography . Some well known  quilling artists have used this technique to bring out unbelievable accuracy and elegance in the projects.Check out these mind blowing ones


Looks like I have covered most of the basic techniques references. This post is in Draft from many days and let it breath fresh air.....

Happy Quilling and keep sharing...

Friday 26 October 2012

Dasara Gombe Habba

Dasara Gombe  Habba 2012

Antu intu Dasara mugeetu :)

After a long gap, I am here with pics from the Dolls arrangement I have done for this year  Navaraatri festival.

Raagi and Wheat  sown 10 days ago to make arrangement for a miniature park/zoo with a tiny bridge.

Addition to this year collection are Japanese kimono dressed dolls and  an intricate hand made  Chinese ceramic doll . 

Friday 25 May 2012

Quilled flowers

Finally  finished the target of  a dozen of  quilled large flowers . They can be fixed on pins, magnets, on cards and can be used as  quilled potpourri .

 The open petals flower is  quilled based on the instructions from  blog http://clairespapercraft.blogspot.com/ She has amazing collection.

This  single flower below  is designed using two leaf structures in inverted style.I am happy the way it turned out.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Wedding favor boxes

Taking a break from quilling, I  created these  tiny favor boxes for my brothers wedding. These can  hold Haldi, kumkum and some candy. As I wrote in my earlier post  , Haldi , kumkum is offered during wedding ceremony to guests  in cute little miniatures of flowers, bouquets, baskets etc etc . I  decided to do it in tiny  hand bags, gowns and suit boxes. Matching hats are in the making., will post soon.
I am yet to make some more and thinking of  designs. If you have any idea, please share with me.

Thursday 16 February 2012

You and Me

Tried  my hand with the popular Beehive technique originated by  Susan  . Recently I had seen the
advertisements for Tanishq Jewellery  with quilled letters  which inspired me to create  a  frame with me and my deary's names for this Valentine season. It is of A4 size  and am planning to frame it and use as Nameplate .
Here it is 

Linking this to Lollipop crafts  NONCARD challenge .

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Carving on Dry Coconut - Traditional craft

 Whenever I  attend any wedding or engagement ceremony, i would be looking for the corner where these traditional gifts are displayed. In south India  coconut is considered as a very sacred fruit and used in all religious ceremonies. Especially in Karnataka during weddings, it  is exchanged between  bride and groom.As usual everything happens in style during weddings :) .. these cocount are given with carvings on them .
Usually  the designs are of gods, goddesses and  names of bride and groom .
In earlier days, these were done by people at home but nowadays these can be bought at specialty stores or ordered.
My Sister In Love ( law) :)    Veda  is very good in this carving and  these are some of her recent work which she did for a wedding  of my cousin brother . I  could shoot  pictures of only  four of them.

Wedding is an occasion where there are lot of opportunity to display arty stuff. Even the mundane Haldi and kumkum is offered to guests in diferent  casings. see this pic, it is made of paper and sponge and look alike of Tamboola( areca nut, banana and beetle leaf ).

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Quilling on Ceramic

An  unused V shaped plate stand was lying  which I had to  reuse .My husband follows a simple formula, any object which is not used for a year should be donated or thrown . I had to save this :)
I have displayed this piece at the entrance of my lobby next to a vase.

Plate is  10 " , white ceramic colour. Central design is inspired from  a quilling book by Malinda Johnston.
Central flower : 3mm  width and  9" length  paper strips. There are 24 tear drop shapes of each colour.  As always I have assembled the flower on a transparent sheet before gluing it to the plate.

Inner Circle: I had tough time in making  eight pieces of exact size  half ovals to maintain the symmetry of the design.
Each unit is made of  5 strips of 6 cm length. The ends of all strips are glued first and then each strip is pulled to bring in the curves and glued.See the pic for details.

Outer Circle : same technique as inner circle but length of each half oval unit is longer than previous ones.
Petals attached at the junction of these units is a single strip husked petal covered by a black strip.
Assembly: Clean the plate with a tissue dabbed with nail polish remover :) .Mark the center of the plate and start gluing the pieces one by one. Tada....... it is ready .

** I had to visit multiple shops to get this plate as I needed a light weight, shiny and with a proper white shade.. I finally found in one of the shops near Russel market .

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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Here is a quilled wreath I created to welcome guests for the new year get together at my new home. I can now use it as home decor too :) I dedicate this to gifted quillers Amna and Claire whose techniques I have used .

Wreath has small pom poms, malasian flowers, quilled roses, flowers with concentric circles and a center flower created with loops.

The hole project started with my urge to quill a butterfly. I had to find a neat place for this and ended up with a flower wreath :)

For the butterfly , quilled each part separately and fixed on the sketch kept under a transparent sheet to obtain the correct measurements for wings and similarity in both wings.
Made my first ever entry to CraftyJC , Kalalayaa .

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Hello Friends, here is the large snowflake I tried with the craft paper with different colors on two sides. Very easy and quick decoration for parties and such events.Try it out .
The instructions can be found at http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-3D-Paper-Snowflake.

Monday 14 November 2011

Navaratri Gombe Habba

I have been thinking of posting this from long time. These are the pictures of the Dolls arrangement I had done during Navaratri. Arrangement of dolls is a tradition followed during Dasara festival. For the nine days kids do visit houses in neighborhood to watch the dolls exhibition and enjoy the goodies they get from everybody.
This year theme is the depiction of Egyptian desert with pyramids and sphinxes.

From my childhood, I have enjoyed this festival for many reasons. This was the only festival where in kids are allowed to take the center stage with the festivities where as in other festivals elders used to keep us kids away from all the preparations :) . Unlike now, earlier dolls and other decorative ornaments were not displayed all the time but were wrapped in papers and kept in boxes at attic. I cant forget the excitement I had when I used to open the wrapper and take them out one by one for the arrangement for this festival once in a year.

This festival also was one opportunity for all the womenfolk at home to showcase their arts and skills . I remember visiting home where the stories of Ramayana and Mahabhartha used to get depicted with decorated dolls.

Even today at south India especially in Bangalore, Mysore regions and in Tamilnadu many people carry this tradition of dolls exhibition. At Bangalore Dhaatu is an organization which exhibits unique dolls exhibition every year . http://dhaatu.org/index.php/navrathra-mahothsava > Even at Bimba , the art hut conducts dolls exhibition competition every year.


Here is one hanging Kusudama I tried . I have used the normal craft paper available in stores.Beads are used to make it more colourful.
The detailed instructions are available at http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-1/.

The challenging part is assembling of all flowers to get a perfect round. If all the flowers are of exact size it is easy to assemble.

I am hanging it in my living room and yes, it is getting lot of attention and approving looks :)

Tomorrow , I am planning to try the large snow flake , one more hanging paper flower.

See you all till then

Tuesday 8 November 2011

I am becoming a dedicated student of Mary Bond :) ...
Trying out one more frame with flowers. This I am planning for my dear friend Jyothi who is my neighbor for her birthday . Tell me how itAdd Image looks.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Starting my crafty journey and hoping to continue it ...

Though I was interested and did some crafts in my school days, the chase behind the grades for getting into professional course and there after the software job got me completely out of my crafts world for almost 15 years . Now that I have taken a break in job , I started exploring myself in this direction.

Why quilling ??? that too a craft which is not so popular in India yet ....

I happened to see quilling strips at " staples " store and I bought a packet of that just out of curiosity . Google God helped me to understand this craft and a whole new world of paper filigree opened infront of me. I started searching and devouring each and every information I could get on this craft on Net and started by experimenting with some snowflakes and found them very interesting. My deary hubby also encouraged me with lot of his positive remarks :)

This is my first framed quilling. It is inspired by Mary Bond's works.http://bond-mary.blogspot.com/