Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Starting my crafty journey and hoping to continue it ...

Though I was interested and did some crafts in my school days, the chase behind the grades for getting into professional course and there after the software job got me completely out of my crafts world for almost 15 years . Now that I have taken a break in job , I started exploring myself in this direction.

Why quilling ??? that too a craft which is not so popular in India yet ....

I happened to see quilling strips at " staples " store and I bought a packet of that just out of curiosity . Google God helped me to understand this craft and a whole new world of paper filigree opened infront of me. I started searching and devouring each and every information I could get on this craft on Net and started by experimenting with some snowflakes and found them very interesting. My deary hubby also encouraged me with lot of his positive remarks :)

This is my first framed quilling. It is inspired by Mary Bond's works.http://bond-mary.blogspot.com/

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