Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Carving on Dry Coconut - Traditional craft

 Whenever I  attend any wedding or engagement ceremony, i would be looking for the corner where these traditional gifts are displayed. In south India  coconut is considered as a very sacred fruit and used in all religious ceremonies. Especially in Karnataka during weddings, it  is exchanged between  bride and groom.As usual everything happens in style during weddings :) .. these cocount are given with carvings on them .
Usually  the designs are of gods, goddesses and  names of bride and groom .
In earlier days, these were done by people at home but nowadays these can be bought at specialty stores or ordered.
My Sister In Love ( law) :)    Veda  is very good in this carving and  these are some of her recent work which she did for a wedding  of my cousin brother . I  could shoot  pictures of only  four of them.

Wedding is an occasion where there are lot of opportunity to display arty stuff. Even the mundane Haldi and kumkum is offered to guests in diferent  casings. see this pic, it is made of paper and sponge and look alike of Tamboola( areca nut, banana and beetle leaf ).


  1. wow! this is unique, seeing it for first time!

  2. Wow so unique. LOve this.


  3. Madam, I am Sowmya from Bangalore. will you please provide me the details of tools using to carving coconuts. my email id id