Monday, 14 November 2011

Navaratri Gombe Habba

I have been thinking of posting this from long time. These are the pictures of the Dolls arrangement I had done during Navaratri. Arrangement of dolls is a tradition followed during Dasara festival. For the nine days kids do visit houses in neighborhood to watch the dolls exhibition and enjoy the goodies they get from everybody.
This year theme is the depiction of Egyptian desert with pyramids and sphinxes.

From my childhood, I have enjoyed this festival for many reasons. This was the only festival where in kids are allowed to take the center stage with the festivities where as in other festivals elders used to keep us kids away from all the preparations :) . Unlike now, earlier dolls and other decorative ornaments were not displayed all the time but were wrapped in papers and kept in boxes at attic. I cant forget the excitement I had when I used to open the wrapper and take them out one by one for the arrangement for this festival once in a year.

This festival also was one opportunity for all the womenfolk at home to showcase their arts and skills . I remember visiting home where the stories of Ramayana and Mahabhartha used to get depicted with decorated dolls.

Even today at south India especially in Bangalore, Mysore regions and in Tamilnadu many people carry this tradition of dolls exhibition. At Bangalore Dhaatu is an organization which exhibits unique dolls exhibition every year . > Even at Bimba , the art hut conducts dolls exhibition competition every year.

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