Tuesday 10 January 2012

Quilling on Ceramic

An  unused V shaped plate stand was lying  which I had to  reuse .My husband follows a simple formula, any object which is not used for a year should be donated or thrown . I had to save this :)
I have displayed this piece at the entrance of my lobby next to a vase.

Plate is  10 " , white ceramic colour. Central design is inspired from  a quilling book by Malinda Johnston.
Central flower : 3mm  width and  9" length  paper strips. There are 24 tear drop shapes of each colour.  As always I have assembled the flower on a transparent sheet before gluing it to the plate.

Inner Circle: I had tough time in making  eight pieces of exact size  half ovals to maintain the symmetry of the design.
Each unit is made of  5 strips of 6 cm length. The ends of all strips are glued first and then each strip is pulled to bring in the curves and glued.See the pic for details.

Outer Circle : same technique as inner circle but length of each half oval unit is longer than previous ones.
Petals attached at the junction of these units is a single strip husked petal covered by a black strip.
Assembly: Clean the plate with a tissue dabbed with nail polish remover :) .Mark the center of the plate and start gluing the pieces one by one. Tada....... it is ready .

** I had to visit multiple shops to get this plate as I needed a light weight, shiny and with a proper white shade.. I finally found in one of the shops near Russel market .

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  1. Wow! Beautiful Geetha!

    Good Luck with the Crafty JC challenge :)

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the idea of quiling on plate as a piece of art! gr8 work! Thanks for entering this to craft JC challenge!

  3. Lovely work Geetha! Hats off to you........Just admire you for these work.

  4. Lovely Chickamma.... :) <3

  5. lovely geetu,now i understood why u r missing from face book good job.